Create more clarity about your goals and the way you act

New position and new environment, insecurities in one's own leadership style, time for the next career step, falling into the same conversation traps again and again, perceiving oneself as a "harmony bear", not being able to say "no"?

In coaching, you create more clarity about your goals and the way you act. You expand your scope for action for from which you and your organisation will benefit in the long term run.

My coaching approach

My goal is to support the fit between people, organisations and new working environments. Through my systemic approach, I create a setting for my clients to take different perspectives so that they can make sound decisions.

What you can expect from me in coaching

  • Focus on feasible solutions
  • The unclouded view of the situation
  • Phases of more questions than answers
  • Small and bigger aha moments
  • Inspirations for thinking differently
  • Direct and respectful questioning of goals, action and behaviour
  • Immersion in stakeholder and observer perspectives
  • Work with head, gut and humour.
  • Create awareness for the conscious and creative use of language

I draw on a wide range of methods from different schools of thought, which I tailor to the individual needs of my clients. This also includes content-related offers, as far as they seem appropriate in the situation and the process.


After a non-binding meeting to get to know each other, we decide whether the topics and the chemistry for the cooperation fit.

In each session we decide what is a good next step for the further process.

Between the sessions you will receive "homework" to try out the transfer into everyday life. This can include small experiments, a special focus or specific changes. The experiences with these will be the starting point for the next session.


On site or virtually.

What would you like to change?
Feel free to get in touch with me, and we can discuss your topics in detail.
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