Make your conflicts discussable in order to develop solutions

It is always worthwhile to keep an eye on the leadership issue of conflicts. Once a conflict has arisen, it always causes conflict costs in the form of a lack of communication and even sick days or dismissals, in addition to the bad atmosphere.

Conflict prevention plays an important role and I am happy to support you in establishing good formats and tools. In this way, you create the framework for discussing emerging issues in a solution-oriented way at an early stage.

If the conflict is already there, the question arises whether you as a leader should or can still moderate the conflict yourself.  

With external support in conflict clarification, you can hand over the clarification process and better engage with the issues to be dealt with. This is especially true in situations where you yourself are part of the conflict. Often, this is not obvious at first glance.

I also support you professionally in these phases, either in the form of

  • Individual coaching or
  • Klärungshilfe (clarification aid, see below) together with all those affected and involved in the conflict. This can range from constellations of two to entire departments or different teams.

For larger groups, I work together with colleagues from my Klärunghilfe Netzwerk Berlin Brandenburg.

What is Klärungshilfe (clarification aid)

Klärungshilfe is a special and at the same time proven form of mediation to resolve conflicts and tensions between two or more parties. The aim is not only to settle the conflict superficially, but also to reach a deeper understanding and clarification of the underlying needs and interests. Hence the name "Klärungshilfe" (clarification aid). Once the conflict parties have developed an understanding of how the conflict came about and the current situation has been clarified for all parties involved, it is often very easy to develop viable solutions.


Advantages of Klärungshilfe

Klärungshilfe offers an effective way of resolving conflicts and tensions and enabling constructive cooperation between the parties involved. By disentangling the different levels of conflict and having the conflicting parties deal with each other directly, a deeper understanding and deeper cooperation is made possible.This which leads to a positive working environment in the long run. 

Thus, Klärungshilfe also serves conflict prevention and team building.

Truth before beauty and harmony!

Klärungshilfe follows some rules that differ from other mediation processes. One rule is: truth before beauty and harmony.

Do you want to know what this means in concrete terms when working with me as a mediator and what the process looks like exactly? Let's talk about your specific situation so that you get a picture of how I can support you in conflict resolution.

What are your questions regarding conflicts?
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