Team development

Actively shaping cooperation in teams

As a leader, you are interested in your team working together successfully and achieving its goals. Success is evident at the level of "how" the collaboration works and at the level of goals achieved.

Sometimes it is evident what exactly should be different, sometimes not.

In both cases I accompany you professionally in the process and, if necessary, also with content-related impulses to "work differently". 

In the preliminary discussions we make sure that the team development is aligned with the needs of your team and your organisation.

Typical questions for team development

  • What is our goal, what do we stand for?
  • How do we communicate even better?
  • How do we create more trust - also towards the leader?
  • Which secret rules hinder us in what we do and which should we get rid of?
  • How do we make decisions?
  • How do we deal with conflicts and tensions?
  • How do we want to deal with errors and failures?
  • How can we increase our problem-solving competencies?
  • How can we deal with conditions that we cannot influence?
  • How do we get to know each other and the others in interaction in such a way that we can be open with each other?

A look at these questions is worthwhile for both existing and new teams. My view from the outside creates an additional perspective.

Work differently

Team development processes can also be enriched by content-related impulses.

From my experience, critical points are e.g. meetings, decision-making processes, feedback and dealing with mistakes.

In these areas, I offer well-founded content-related impulses if required. The methods offered can be implemented and tried out 1:1 right away. This way you can check what may need to be adapted:

  • Effective meetings from the agile environment
  • Decision-making processes (e.g. the "integrative decision-making process")
  • Conflict prevention: team talks, feedback and error culture
  • Conflict solving

Sometimes it is the supposedly smaller issues that give rise to cultural changes that become visible throughout the organisation. These include, for example, the conscious and creative use of language or changed meeting formats. 

Where do you see opportunities for your team?
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